Our Philosophy

It’s about the journey. During our trips, we focus on the entire “journey” and not just the destination.

It’s about fun. The world is already boring enough. With our concepts, we do our bit to make the world a bit more colourful and fun.

It’s about friendship. Whoever joins one of our projects usually returns with 10 times as many friends.


Enter a spontaneous experienced team that has been organising unforgettable trips for 10 years.


Join a family consisting of more than 200 crewmembers with the same mentality!


Throughout the year, join us to more than 30 different locations in a dozen different countries to create unique experiences.

Join the family

Service du Soleil was once founded as the volunteer legion of routedusoleil.org. Throughout the years, our team has broadened and we also take care of the rallyriders.org trips. The Service du Soleil is an enthusiastic, slightly deranged group of motivated young people with a passion for travel who enjoy rolling up their sleeves.

Are you between 18 & 25 years old & do you like rolling up your sleeves? Moreover, do you like working in an enthusiastic team? Do you like adventure, sunshine and partying? Are you passionate about travelling and also need little sleep? Then maybe Service du Soleil is what you are looking for!


Before you embark on your new adventure, you are bound to have some questions. We have answered the most frequently asked questions here!

Which trips can I join?

As a Service du Soleil member, you will be the face of our organisation on dozens of trips throughout the year. We count on our Servicers to join at least one summer and one winter trip. Of course, studies, health… always take precedence. It is more of a guideline than a requirement. In the winter, we offer a wide range of ski trips such as Snowbreak, Sneeuwstorm, Snowclash & Hoogtestage. We also have the first rally of the rally season, the Viking Rally.

Between June and September, we swap snow fun for warm summer vibes with The Balaton Trip, The Graduates & The Island. We also get the wheels rolling on our Bike Trophy, Scooter Rally, Budapest Rally, Scotland Rally & Belgian Rally.

To thank our volunteer family, we organise several witty team build-ups throughout the year and go on “Service Weekend” where all the crew get together.

What do I need to do to join?

When you register through our Service du Soleil platform, you will receive an email to select an intake interview. With that intake interview, we test whether you have the necessary qualities to be part of our organisation. We sound out your experiences and test whether you have a good balance between sleeping little, being able to take responsibility and having fun.

Unfortunately, we do not do online intake interviews. We would much rather get to know you face-to-face. Don’t our dates fit into your schedule? No worries, we do intake interviews for every winter & summer season!

What is the work-fun balance?

For the Service du Soleil, nothing is too much to ask.
Our primary contribution is to ensure participants have the trip of a lifetime. So when something needs to be done, we also count on our crew to proactively roll up their sleeves. Of course, the faster the work is done, the faster the crew can also enjoy the amazing trips themselves.

Under the motto “work hard, play harder”, we are there from start to finish with a big smile for our participants, while fully enjoying our trips ourselves.

What are some of the tasks involved on the trips?

Before you arrive, you will be assigned to a specific team. Sometimes we mix the teams so you get a taste of everything.

The crew gets the chance to be part of the ABC of our trips. Animation, bar, communication and production. These are our 4 main pillars that we dedicate the crew to.

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